Foundation Day

June 13, is etched as the most important day for Satyalok. On this day in 2002, which happens to be the birthday of our founder Satyendra Narayan Rai, that his then students along with him went on to build a road literally bare-handed, for the Teachers Colony in Kathara, which actually laid the foundation of Satyalok that we know of now...

Every year the Satyalok family spends this special day doing social service and this year as well it was going to be no different. The day commenced from Kathara Basti where all the members assembled at 9 am.

(1) Two years ago, Satyalok planted more than 100 Saagwan trees in a garden place which has now flourished big and beautiful. Today, this garden was inaugurated.

(2) Satyalok gives special emphasis on environmental protection and as a result of which, every year we plant trees and also preserve them.

Last year, we planted around 200 trees. And this year we aim to plant more than 300 fruit trees. On top of that, these plants will be of a high standard and will be insured so that these are not just planted, but they also bear fruits to people when they grow into tree.

This year our plantation of fruit trees was in Kathara Primary School, Jhoparpatti located near Kathara O.P., for which we had obtained permission from the school management. This school was the main venue for the program on 13 June.

(3) In the time of the pandemic, the Satyalok family is trying its best not to let starve any family within its reach. For this, we are helping with ration to the needy right from the very beginning. Till now we have distributed ration to more than 200 families and this effort is still going on.

And even today rations were sent to 20 such families, records of which are duly kept.

(4) Apart from this, till now we have aided the needy with more than 350 masks and of course, all those in need will be taken care of in the future.


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