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       'Satyalok' literally means "The truthful divine place to live" or "A place where truthful divine people live." If we have to describe our group/ organization/ website's motto in one sentence, it would be, "let's make this world a little better place to live." We believe - "It's never too late to start a good step towards goodness."

       Our vision -- The only goal of Satyalok is: All-round development of the entire human society.   If we study the social settlements of the world that are happy, prosperous, and live long, then you will find that there is a huge contribution of the lifestyle and ideology of the people living there. We have also found in our studies that there are some fixed principles of living a happy and prosperous life, by which any society can improve itself. Our main objective is to make people familiar with the principles of living a better life and to help people in meeting their basic needs.    Our goal is clear: a healthy and happy life for all which is the right of all. We are firm on our goals but are flexible in our approach to the goal. Any person who finds his welfare in the welfare of society is invited to join us. Come, let us together make this earth a better place to live a happy life.

      In 2017 World Economic Forum conducted a survey on the topic 'Top 10 most concerning issue of the world' based on questions asked to more than 31,000 people of 18 to 35 years age across 186 countries. The issues and their percentage were as follows--

  (1) Climate Change/Distribution of Nature (48.8℅)
  (2) Large Scale Conflicts/Wars. (38.9℅)
  (3) Inequality- (Income,Discrimination) (30.8℅)
  (4) Poverty (29.2℅)
  (5) Religious Conflicts (23.9℅)
  (6) Government Accountability and Transparency / Corruption (22.7℅)
  (7) Food and Water Security (18.2℅).
  (8) Lack of Education (15.9℅)
  (9) Safety/Security/Well-being (14.1℅)
  (10) Lack of Economic Opportunity and Employment (12.1℅)

       However, in these top 10 issues, they forget to mention the threat by Pandemic. Nowadays, it is the biggest concern and we are fighting bravely against it. The percentage of these issues may vary according to place, people, and their concern. But no doubt the above-mentioned issues are the most common threats in our present as well as for our future. I have given the above data only to show everyone here that if we really want a better world, we have to work on every possible way to resolve all the above-mentioned problems or issues.

       One might doubt, 'Is it even practically possible ?'. Well, it is then the apt time to put out this quote - "All the problems of the world are the product of our thinking process guided by our negative emotions. So, it is clear that if our brain can create the problems then it has all the capabilities to resolve them as well."

Mr. Satyendra Narayan Rai


  • Living in Sawang, Bokaro, Jharkhand

  • Currently in associated with D.A.V. Public School (Sawang) as Physical Education Teacher

Mr. Manoj Kumar Mahto


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Sangeeta Kumari


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Md. Shamim Qureshi


Founder's Message

Many years ago, I had heard a small story of a boy drowning in a river who was eventually saved by a kind and brave person. When the boy thanked the saviour, he looked into the boy's eyes and said, " Son, don't thank me but live your life in such a way that when you grow up, you could convince yourself with joy and pride that your life was worth saving. "

                              That story had such an impact on me that I used to question myself, " What is the purpose of my life ?  Many persons specially my family members, friends, neighbours and teachers  have helped me to grow in all aspects of my life. Indirectly, they have saved and shaped my life. Knowing the fact that we all are interdependent in this society, doesn't it become of utmost importance as to what value and meaning we add to our life and thereby others lives ?

                               The most important message I usually give to my students in my class (in my mother tongue) is , "Asali maza to sabke saath aata hai. "

                               It means not when we are self-centred but only when we include others as a part of ourselves, can we experience real enjoyment . We can only be happy by spreading and including others in our happiness. In my opinion, helping others to grow is the secret of our real growth and helping them to become happy and prosperous can lead our lives to happiness and prosperity in real sense.

Thanks to one and all for joining together for a common and valuable goal.

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Tanvi Priya

Legal Advisor

Rajendra Kumar Yadav

General Secretary

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Roushan Kumar

Group coordinater

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Bhaskar Kumar yadav

Joint Secretary

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