About Us

Who we are?

Satyalok is a Jharkhand based non-profit and non-government organization. Satyalok is devoted to working for a comprehensive and all-inclusive development of the marginalized sections of the society by enhancing their basic needs like enhancing the quality of education, access to affordable and adequate health care, and doors to the habitable and tolerable shelter. We are focused and channelized for imparting quality education, skill development, future opportunity, and health care to the underprivileged children of the most marginalized sections of society.

                                       We are working on an agenda to dispense and provide a platform for children and youngsters, who want and are also capable of doing something progressive and betterment for the society, but due to poverty manacles, they aren't able to. We also address and vocalize other social issues affecting humanity adversely like environmental degradation by afforestation and sanitation.


Mission & Vision

Satyalok is constantly working to make this world, a better place to live in, not only for the upper classes but also for marginalized sections of the society as we believe in Social Reformation.

       For this, we are working to bring a positive change in both the elements of this world i.e. humans and the environment.

        For improving the quality of the lives of people i.e. our human resources, we have started with working for the most underprivileged sections of our region. We intend to enhance the living conditions of those who don't even have proper access to basic amenities like education and health, by providing them opportunities to learn, develop, and move forward in their lives with the help of good health, education, and skill development rather than just distributing them everything they need. 

       Along with improving the quality of people, we are also working to improve the quality of the environment with the help of afforestation and disseminating social awareness with pamphlets regarding various issues like COVID-19 and many more.

With time and need, we also stand for needy people by providing them with very basic essentials like food, warm clothes, etc.

       Satyalok is dedicated to its mission and vision of making this world a better place to live in for which we have started from a small region with a radius of 20 km and will expand very soon with getting success in the current operational region.

Founder's Profile

Mr. Satyendra Narayan Rai


Physical Education Teacher at D.A.V. Public School, Sawang authorized by DAV Managing Committee and recognized by Central Board For Secondary Education (C.B.S.E.), New Delhi​, India. He is currently living in Sawang, Bokaro Jharkhand.

In 2002 he with his few students started to work for social welfare and started by constructing a Road for the residence of Teachers Colony, Kathara.

After 18 years in this pandemic when everyone was at home during the lockdown, he and his students came together to help the poor and needy people who were suffering due to this pandemic. We started by helping people with food, mask, and handwash to fight against COVID 19 and stay safe. 


Our Impact