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Project Manager Ranjeet Saw Facilitates Parental Engagement Meeting in Gandhigram

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

Project Manager Ranjeet Saw took a proactive step towards fostering community involvement by holding a meeting with the parents of children receiving free education in Gandhigram. The session, conducted on June 14, 2023, centred on discussing the growth and progress of the children, emphasizing the crucial role parental support plays in their education.


During the meeting, Ranjeet Saw shared insights on how parents can actively contribute to their children's educational journey. He highlighted the importance of providing unwavering support and encouragement to enhance the learning experience. Additionally, Ranjeet Saw offered valuable guidance on effective ways to interact with and nurture the development of their children.


Addressing health concerns, the Project Manager provided essential information on steps parents can take to ensure the well-being and progress of their children. The meeting served as a platform for open communication, allowing parents to express their thoughts and concerns regarding their children's education.


Ranjeet Saw's dedication to engaging with parents underscores the holistic approach of Satyalok A New Hope, where collaboration between educators and parents is considered vital for the overall development of the children. The event was a testament to the organization's commitment to creating a supportive educational environment in Gandhigram.


As a result of this collaborative effort, parents left the meeting with a deeper understanding of their role in their children's education, and Ranjeet Saw encouraged them to actively participate in shaping a brighter future for the community.

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