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World Environment Day with Tree Plantation Drive - Gomia

Updated: Nov 21, 2023

In a commitment to environmental sustainability, Satyalok A New Hope celebrated World Environment Day by planting 30 trees across three schools - Medium School in Hazari, Nehru High School in Swang, and +2 High School in Gomia. The event, held on June 3, 2023, aimed to contribute to a greener future and instil a sense of environmental responsibility among the students.

The tree plantation drive was a collective effort to nurture nature and sow the seeds of sustainability for a better tomorrow. The initiative beautifies the school campuses and serves as an educational tool for the students, fostering awareness about the importance of environmental conservation.


The event received positive engagement from students, teachers, and local communities, emphasizing the significance of collective action in safeguarding our planet. Satyalok A New Hope remains dedicated to initiatives that promote environmental consciousness and positively impact the communities they serve.


Ranjeet Saw and the team completed this plantation drive, showcasing their commitment to creating a sustainable and eco-friendly environment. Let's continue celebrating and protecting our planet for a sustainable and thriving future!

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